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1. First, contact us

When you’re ready, simply call us at 718-931-AUTO or complete our credit application. You can skip this step if you are a Credit Union Referral and you have been approved for the loan already. We’ll then contact you at your convenience to better understand your specific car requirements, preferred delivery date, and financing options.

As soon as you’re ready to work with us, we’ll set up your account and get the exact options, color combination etc in order to find the vehicle that best fits your needs.

2. Next, we go to work for you

We locate the car you specified from an authorized dealer. We can typically find it and negotiate a low price on your behalf within 24 hours. Then, we call you with our search results, including the car’s specs, price, terms if you’re leasing or financing, and arrival time.

When shopping for you, we guarantee the lowest possible price on that particular car based on current incentives and rebates. Once we have the pricing information, we use our state of the art software that calculates the payments for lease or financing, using the rates directly from the bank – this way avoiding the finance department from a dealer , where interest rates often increase from the bank’s “buy rates”.

You simply say “yes” and we get your car for you. We can also take care of your trade-in or lease return, too!

3. Last, you get your new car

We schedule a convenient time for you to get your new car. You just come to our office and sign the paperwork; then we’ll walk you through your new car and explain how all of its features work.

You’ll be out the door and on the road in less than an hour. It’s that easy!

Here are just a few reasons why CarFinder NYC is the answer for your automotive purchasing needs:

1.  We are able to get the car of your desire at a wholesale price,
2. You will not have to be involved with the stressful process of negotiating for the best price,
3. You will not have to take time out of your busy schedule to visit numerous lots looking for the best deal,
4. You will not have to worry about a salesperson trying to add items to a vehicle all the while increasing your payments through the roof,
5. You will receive more car for your money,
6. You will not have to be burdened with all the pressures of over eager and dollar hungry sales persons,
7. You will receive personal service, and best of all…
8. You will receive one-on-one consultation that addresses your individual financial needs.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Why is this the best way for me to get my new car?

We save you time, money, and hassle! You’ll get a great price and have the most enjoyable car buying experience possible.

As your advocate, we work for you to get a low price for the car you want, in your preferred color, with your preferred options. This means you don’t have to go back and forth from one dealer to another, wasting time looking and trying to negotiate a good deal. Our associates are trained professional customer service people. As such, they’re very different from dealership salespeople, who are motivated to put the dealer’s interests first and incentive to move the cars they have on the lot.

Since CarFinder NYC doesn’t have its own inventory, our associate will listen carefully to your needs and requirements, and work hard to get the car you want at a great price.

If I get my car from you, where will it come from?

Every new car that we deliver comes from an authorized new car dealer. The purchase, financing, or leasing documents will be in your name, and you will have a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Why do you work with dealers?

We work with dealers because, in the United States, all new cars must be sold from authorized dealerships. This legislation was designed to help protect consumers, and also enables the automobile manufacturers to stand behind their products for warranty claims, repairs, and so on.

Do I still get the dealer’s and manufacturer’s warranties?

Absolutely—you will get the exact same warranty coverage as if you were personally buying the car from your local dealer. Since your car is supplied directly from a new car dealership, the title transfers directly from the dealer to you. CarFinder NYC simply facilitates the process for you, gets you a great price, and delivers the car to you at one of our offices. You are the first owner of the car, with all of the rights to the car’s warranty. The only difference is that you save time, money, and hassle by working with Car Finer NYC.

Where can I get my new car serviced?

You can get your car serviced at any authorized dealer of your choice—the dealer near your home, the dealer near your work, or any other dealership location for that matter. Dealers love to serve you – even if they didn’t sell you the car.

Can you special order my car and still get a great price?

Yes, we can special order any car through our dealer network and still get you a great price. Your car will be built to your preferred specifications.

How long will it take to get my new car?

We work at your pace. For many cars, our normal turn around time is just a few days. If you need results sooner, or are looking to purchase in the future, just let us know. We are here to serve you.

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