About Our 100% Credit Approval Program

Everyone has the chance to drive today! Bad credit, being rejected, co-signer issues, no credit, repos, are all problems in the past – we’ll help you make a fresh start!

To get started bring us the following information:

A. Approval Program For Pay Stub Employees:

*  Driver’s license / ID
*  Two pay stubs (recent pay periods)
*  Phone or utility bill
*  Checking or saving account (recent statement)

B. Approval Program For Self employed or Cash Pay Employees:

*  Driver’s license / ID
*  Phone or utility bill
*  2 months bank statement
*  Cash Paid customers (letter from employer)

C. Approval Program For Non-working With Income:

*  Driver’s license / ID
*  Last 2 months bank statement and an AWARD LETTER FROM
*  Disability
*  Unemployment
*  Social Security
*  Pension
*  Workers Compensation
*  Temporary income
*  Public assistance
*  Child support

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